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A Musical Academy community
we can make it 
25th-Nov-2010 12:31 am
Do you love Jpop? Do you write fanfiction in italian? Do you write about Jpop?
If you do, this community is for you!

we can make it is a community made for the italian fanwriters who write about Jpop's world.
The name comes from the title of a Arashi's song, but the founders have chosen it for the meaning. Possiamo farlo!
we can make?! We can write what comes to mind, we can make our dreams true only typing: we can make it may seem like just another Livejournal's writing community, but it will also be a place to expand our knowledge about the Japanese pop.
? Reading stories about groups who we didn't know maybe just out of curiosity: the curiosity produces interest, doesn't it?

Then... what about join us?
We're waiting for you~
we can make it

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