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A Musical Academy community

Musical Academy
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Welcome to the LJ community dedicated to Johnny's Junior unit Musical Academy. This community is moderated by subi and loveandcoffee, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Musical Academy are:

Unit profile:

Musical Academy, MA for short, is a Johnny's Junior unit specializing in musical and stage play productions, among which eg. Shounentai's Playzone series and Domoto Koichi's Shock series. MA regularly appears in the Shounen Club Premium. Due to their excellent dancing skills and experience in JE, they also backdance in KinKi Kids', other debuted JE unit's (though mainly KinKi) and Koichi's solo concerts and sometimes in KinKi's TV appearances alongside the female dancers.

Member Profiles:

Akiyama Jun:
The always cheerful, quarter-French Akiyama is known as MA's moodmaker. He's the oldest member and has been in JE for 17 years now. Even though he, like the other MA members, is a skilled dancer, he is also very active as an actor: his acting skills have earned him several roles in stage plays, with MA as well as in non MA-, and even non JE-, related works. Moreover, he also graduated in Economy at Teikyo University.

Machida Shingo:
Machida is the leader of Musical Academy (a position he won at rock-scissors-paper during a Tokio concert). Despite being a shy person, he is a great dancer and actor. He has been in JE for quite a long time, but he quit for a certain period in order to study dance in different environments. Nonetheless, he eventually returned to JE. Besides dancing, he likes playing soccer, and he is known for having a strong admiration for KinKi Kids' Domoto Koichi and getting very nervous when Koichi is around.

Yonehana Tsuyoshi:
Yonehana is known as Jr. Acrobat leader and among MA he excels in acrobatics like Yara. The rest of MA says that he cares about his looks a lot and is always checking himself in the mirror. (This habit earned him "a personal use hand mirror" during the Endless Shock 2007, the rest of MA and Toma had a voting concerning the topic in their JWEBs.) He also sometimes composes the songs Yara uses in their SCP collaboration corner.

Yara Tomoyuki:
Yara is the youngest within MA and the unit's choreographer. He's very passionate about dance and has also got a strong theorical knowledge. Not only does he create MA's dance routines, he also got to choreograph other Johnny's, including Kanjani8's Murakami Shingo and A.B.C.. He got chosen to take part in the special unit Inoshishi7 for 2006-2007's Countdown, and he was casted to one of the main roles in this year's "Dream Boys" alongside Kamenashi Kazuya and Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN. He also enjoys surfing and his pet is a 1m long corn snaked called Chura.





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